Nov 14, 2010

Cat Scratch Fever

I do not have a cat.  I do not want a cat.   Not that I have anything against cats.  My problem is with pets.  I don't want one.  And I wish the cat mafia would stop trying to give me one.

A couple months ago someone left a kitten, complete with litter and food in the back of my husbands truck one night.  Who DOES something like that?  If I wanted a cat, I would have one.  I don't want one forced on me by someone who doesn't have the nerve to take responsiblity for it.  The kitten stayed with us for about a week until we found somewhere else for it to go.   Harrison LOVED it and followed it everywhere but it frustrated him to no end because he just wanted to play with it, and kittens aren't puppies.  I don't know if you knew that.

So we got rid of the cat and told Harrison it went home.  He was sad but mostly got over it, though he still talked about it whenever he saw a cat.

B) Our backyard always has its fair share of cats.  I don't know if they are strays or belong to the neighbors and just like to hang out in our yard cuz the hunting is so good.  Either way I usually just ignore them, and they run away from me.  But in the last few days one of them has gotten increasingly friendly, until one night I came home to find him sitting on the door mat.  Harrison got all excited and said "My Cat!  My cat came home!"   which made me feel very sad.

If I go outside that cat starts rubbing against my legs like it is in love with me and it spent all night pacing back and forth outside the back door.  Scratching and trying to get in.  Where does it think it is?  Does it know that it doesn't live here?

I think the Feline underground has had some wires crossed somewhere along the lines.  Cuz when they are leaving their little hobo-cat markings on the fence posts, the ones outside our house seem to be saying "This is a good place to get food."   And it's not true!  Just ask my husband.

Now, 5 days later, the cat is STILL sitting on the back porch.  Sometimes he paces back and forth in a frenzy, but mostly he just sits there, unmoving.  Watching me with those wide, staring eyes. That seem to be saying "Wait till Martin comes."

5 Months

5 months.  How is it possible, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  Time just keeps plodding on.  Minutes pass, and that in turn causes the hours and days to pass and from there it just cycles on up until before we realize it, 5 whole months have passed.  It happens like that all over the world.  It isn't just some isolated incident happening here.

Ok, so, here he is.  Can you believe how cute he is?  He was very, very unhappy about the picture taking, and the fact that he isn't crying just shows how good those photographers are.  We went to FotoFly and they were great.  Colin was still unhappy though.

Oh, sweet Colin, you are so good at sharing your feelings.

This 5 month old has just started reaching for and grabbing things like crazy.  Everything he manages to grab goes directly into his mouth.  He can roll back and forth like a rolling machine.  And he loves to laugh.  He especially seems to like the letter Z.  Can't blame him.  It is a funny, funny letter.

Nov 12, 2010

If Steampunk is Nerdy, I don't want to be Cool

If you, like me, have done as many steampunk google searches as I have (steampunk fashion, steampunk gun, steampunk shirt, steampunk jacket, steampunk goggles, yackity schmackity, etc.) then this just seems like one more blog post about one more nerd who wanted to be steampunk for a day.  But it's not.  It isn't like that at all.  This is a story about two hearts, 3 bags of potato chips, 7 mismatched socks, and a dream that just wouldn't die.

This Halloween we went Steampunk, and it was fun.

The End.

It isn't a very long story.

Nov 11, 2010

Crap I found While Shopping

Not literal crap.  I don't shop at those kinds of stores anymore.  I mostly just shop at the grocery store.  And now and then a thrift store or two.  Which is where I found these beauties:

It may not be entirely clear in the picture, but those pants are touching the floor.  They go all the way from the floor to my armpits.  I could not stop giggling. Those pants are almost 5 feet tall all by their lonesome.  Which is apparently all it takes to crack me up.   5 FOOT TALL PANTS!!

Speaking of the grocery store, mine has a "Toy Section", though I avoid that isle at all cost.  Harrison is onto me though, and usually manages to convince me to stop there for at least a few minutes. One day, Harrison handed me this:

Which is a really a beautiful bunch of plastic. Let's take a closer look:

Yep.  You may not know this about me, but I was a cheerleader for about 2 weeks once, and let me tell you, these pom poms have hit the nail on the head.  "Drink for them, colourfulfor them" are the basic tenets they teach at cheer camp.

And clearly THESE pom poms are of the highest quality.  That says they are perfect, and I don't think they would lie.  Skillful manufacture indeed.  These beauties would turn anyone into a first rate Encourage Leader.   "GO! CLAP!!"  Repeat that mantra hourly and you will be peppier, and encouragier in No Time!  And Hygiene!

Some October Stuff

ok, a little catching up to do.

Colin no longer likes his bath.  See?

But when he noticed that I had the camera on him it basically wiped the frown right off his face.  It usually wipes the smiles off his face too, so now we know it works on all emotions.


And then we have this.

And I just don't know what to tell you about it.  Truly, there are no words.


Sometime in October we got together with my sister Fae to let our kids decorate Halloween houses.  We made them out of sugar cookies again, but this year I just cooked the dough in giant, thick sheets and then cut out the shapes we wanted.  The cookies were so thick the walls just about stood up on their own, so they worked great.  

Sydney wore goggles, to protect herself from flying candy.  Safety First!

It was fun, and delicious, which are my only two requirements for a good time.

Nov 9, 2010

Halloween 2010

A few months before Halloween I started thinking about what Harrison could dress up as.  I wanted to have him and Colin have coordinating costumes, because that is twice as fun. I gave it a fair amount of thought.  We could go easy and have him be Sheriff Woody, since we have most of the parts of that costume anyway.  Then Colin could dress up as Bullseye, ,the horse.  But one of Harrison's very favorite shows is Curious George, so then I thought of dressing Colin up like George the monkey, and Harrison up like the man in the yellow hat.  I thought he would like that.

Finally I decided to ask Harrison what he wanted to be.  I'm not sure why I didn't before.  Maybe I thought he might not understand?  I don't know, but one day I asked him what he wanted to dress up like for Halloween and his answer was:

"Hot Cocoa!"

Which I should have expected. He loves hot cocoa.  Wants to drink it in place of every meal, wants to carry it around in a bottle like a baby.  Asks for stories about it and wants me to sing him songs about it.  Of COURSE he wants to dress up like hot cocoa for Halloween.  But just to be sure I said "Do you want to be Woody, or the Man in the Yellow hat, or Hot Cocoa?"  And he said "Hot Cocoa!"  So I said OK.  Why not?

We got some foam at Joann's, wrapped it in felt, made a little handle the same way and voila.

The cutest little cup of hot cocoa you've ever seen.
Then he walked around saying "Drink me!  Drink me!"  So I did.

I decided Colin would make a pretty cute Captain Kirk.

the detailing on those sleeves is very futuristic.

So I bought a shirt pattern and yellow material and gold ric rac.

 When I showed Richard the ric rac and said "Do you know what this is for?"  He said "Of Course!"

But then things went wrong.  The pattern was too big, which I knew when I bought it, but I thought I could pretty simply adjust it to make it fit Colin.  I had some problems though and ran out of material and would have had to buy new material and do more adjusting and I just ran out of desire.   So then I thought, "What could Colin be that would require almost no work on my part, that he has most of the stuff for already?"

And that led to this:

I made him a teeny tiny name tag and stuck it to his shirt and there you have it.  Who wouldn't want to hear the discussions from him?  He is irresistible!

Nov 8, 2010

This Just In

In a shocking turn of events, today, Sheriff Woody was taken captive and tortured for information.  We received  these disturbing photos just minutes ago.

Stay Tuned.