Crap I found While Shopping

Nov 11, 2010

Not literal crap.  I don't shop at those kinds of stores anymore.  I mostly just shop at the grocery store.  And now and then a thrift store or two.  Which is where I found these beauties:

It may not be entirely clear in the picture, but those pants are touching the floor.  They go all the way from the floor to my armpits.  I could not stop giggling. Those pants are almost 5 feet tall all by their lonesome.  Which is apparently all it takes to crack me up.   5 FOOT TALL PANTS!!

Speaking of the grocery store, mine has a "Toy Section", though I avoid that isle at all cost.  Harrison is onto me though, and usually manages to convince me to stop there for at least a few minutes. One day, Harrison handed me this:

Which is a really a beautiful bunch of plastic. Let's take a closer look:

Yep.  You may not know this about me, but I was a cheerleader for about 2 weeks once, and let me tell you, these pom poms have hit the nail on the head.  "Drink for them, colourfulfor them" are the basic tenets they teach at cheer camp.

And clearly THESE pom poms are of the highest quality.  That says they are perfect, and I don't think they would lie.  Skillful manufacture indeed.  These beauties would turn anyone into a first rate Encourage Leader.   "GO! CLAP!!"  Repeat that mantra hourly and you will be peppier, and encouragier in No Time!  And Hygiene!