Make a Baby Tie from a Man's Tie

Jun 29, 2012

Folks, the time has come.  I am going to let you in on my greatest secret.  I guard this secret with the dedication of the Last Centurion gaurding the Pandorica.  Though I did teach it at Super Saturday last year. But it isn't like I've ever tweeted it before, or told my Aunt Linda.  Man that lady can talk.

There are probably other tutorials online for how to do this.  I intentionally didn't look because I don't want to know.  I didn't find this on pinterest or learn how to do it on anyone's blog or anything.  I actually figured out how to make these baby ties with my own brain and everything.  And so, without further ado. . .

Start with a full sized Man's tie.  The best way to get your hands on one of those is by closet raiding.  Raid your husband's, your brother's, your dad's.  You could even snatch one from your neighbor, if you are fast enough.  The lengths you will go to to get your hands on what you want are totally up to you.   Also, I find polyester ties work the best.  Mostly because they are machine washable.  I know we aren't the only people in the world who don't get things dry cleaned.  Sure, my hubs can get away with wearing a tie for years without ever cleaning it, but just imagine if he drooled like the baby does.  (Why I feel it is necessary to explain to you the importance of washing a baby's tie is anyone's guess.)  The other reason I prefer polyester is this: I once put a silk tie on a baby.  A charming little red, white, and blue number.  he sucked on it all church long.  By the end of the day  the colors had all bled into a bloody gray. So now you know.  Your actions are your own responsibility.

Enough Gab!

Grab your snazzy 80's tie.  Don't worry that it is a little ratty or stained.  Drape it over one of your dining room room chairs and take a picture

Think to yourself, "Holy Moly, my chairs are dirty!"  Promise yourself that you will wash them later.  And then forget.

Now, lay the men's tie out on the table.  Cut the skinny end about 14 inches from the tip.  This should work for newborns to about 1 year old.  Or cut it 18 inches from the tip for 1 to 3 years old.  Once they get much older than that it doesn't really work anymore.  A man's tie isn't really long enough, and it looks too skinny on your little boy.  From then on, you are on your own.

I didn't want to walk into the next room to get my sewing scissors, so I used these instead:

They're fun.  They make me feel like a giant.

Next, measure 13-14 inches on the remaining tie. A little less for a baby, a little more for a 3 year old.  This will be used as the neck band.  So you can decide if you need more or less length than this.  If your kid has a fat neck, use more. Ya shee?

On this piece you just cut, remove the stitching, which should be pretty easy to do.  If you are lucky, you should just be able to pull one magic thread and have the whole thing come out.  Then remove that piece of mystery fabric from inside.  Cuz you just don't need it.

Throw it at the closest available person while yelling "It's Alive!"

Take the tie piece that is left and fold it in half over the seam that was, pinning it in place.  

Fold the raw edges on the ends in about 1/4 inch and pin those too.  (Good thing I've included pictures of pinning.  That part can get TRICKY.)

If your anal side ever starts to come out and you start thinking that it doesn't look perfect enough, just remember that it is for a baby, and they don't care.

Sew very close to the edge around the whole thing.  Attach some velcro to each end, making sure you do one piece of velcro to the front, and one piece of velcro to the back.  It doesn't actually matter which is the front or the back, just make sure you attach the velcro to opposite sides.  Got it?

Now pick up the main tie piece that has just been sitting over there on the table all this time.  Open up the raw edge and fold it back a little bit so that you can get to that stiff bit of fabric in the middle, and cut off about 1/4 inch of it.  

Then fold all those raw edges of polyester in and pin it and then sew across the edge.

Now put it all together!

THEN Do a couple stitches on the back here 

to keep it all together, and a few more stitches here

to keep the tail end from waving all over the place.    The beauty is, you can take these stitches out and re-tie it to make it longer or shorter as your baby grows, or shrinks.  

And you are finished.  BUT. . .

You've got options!  You could make the process even faster by making the neck band out of elastic.  Cut a length of elastic 14 inches long (1/2 wide elastic works great).  Tie your tie around it in the same way as above.  

Sew the ends together like so:

Or you can sew it so it looks nice.  If you want.  And there you have it.  A baby tie in no time.  And his shirt collar will cover up the elastic so know one ever has to know.

This is my new favorite neck band because it is so hard for a boy to get the tie off.  And the tie can now be used as a weapon when your kid won't be quiet in church.
And there you have it:  BABY TIE!

Your baby will have a Ph.D in Adorableness with this thing round his neck.  But let's not restrict ourselves here.  These don't just have to be for babies. A fashion conscious man might find a tiny tie could really complement his wardrobe. A tiny tie would definitely  make your shoulders look broader.  And accentuate your jawline.  Or maybe you are a clown, but are tired of paying specialty store prices for all your clown attire?  Now you can make your own!  The possibilities truly are limited.

Thanks!  And if you have any questions, just ask!