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The Not-Quite-Finished 1968 Kit Companion Travel Trailer

There are gonsta be lots-o-pictures, my friends, so I hope your eyeballs are ready for a world of lookin'! PICTURE ONE! There is the dinette, looking stunning in aqua and white. That is the original table, a white laminate with flecks of gold in it which works just fine for me. Sitting on top of it is a plant I stole from my fireplace mantle. It only took one camping trip for me to learn that decorative items are just in the way.  Those two little eagles you see on the walls have little levels in them. I wanted gold/antique brass accents in our Travel Trailer Friend, so I sprayed those eagles with my Antique Brass spray paint and bam, now they are the fanciest leveling eagles  (I'm sure they have a name but I am too lazy to look it up.) at the aviary. Now we have another picture. Tis a picture of the map that I stuck above the window. Now for the story, and get ready cuz it is fascinating. I found the map for free online. Oh, heck, let me see

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