Some October Stuff

Nov 11, 2010

ok, a little catching up to do.

Colin no longer likes his bath.  See?

But when he noticed that I had the camera on him it basically wiped the frown right off his face.  It usually wipes the smiles off his face too, so now we know it works on all emotions.


And then we have this.

And I just don't know what to tell you about it.  Truly, there are no words.


Sometime in October we got together with my sister Fae to let our kids decorate Halloween houses.  We made them out of sugar cookies again, but this year I just cooked the dough in giant, thick sheets and then cut out the shapes we wanted.  The cookies were so thick the walls just about stood up on their own, so they worked great.  

Sydney wore goggles, to protect herself from flying candy.  Safety First!

It was fun, and delicious, which are my only two requirements for a good time.