5 Months

Nov 14, 2010

5 months.  How is it possible, you ask?  Well, let me tell you.  Time just keeps plodding on.  Minutes pass, and that in turn causes the hours and days to pass and from there it just cycles on up until before we realize it, 5 whole months have passed.  It happens like that all over the world.  It isn't just some isolated incident happening here.

Ok, so, here he is.  Can you believe how cute he is?  He was very, very unhappy about the picture taking, and the fact that he isn't crying just shows how good those photographers are.  We went to FotoFly and they were great.  Colin was still unhappy though.

Oh, sweet Colin, you are so good at sharing your feelings.

This 5 month old has just started reaching for and grabbing things like crazy.  Everything he manages to grab goes directly into his mouth.  He can roll back and forth like a rolling machine.  And he loves to laugh.  He especially seems to like the letter Z.  Can't blame him.  It is a funny, funny letter.