Tricks of the Trade

Apr 2, 2011

To get Harrison to look at me so I can take his picture, I will sometimes say things like, "Look at me, Harrison!  My hair is on fire!."  or "Look! There's a spider on my head!"  

So of course he'll look up, 

March 29, 2011

with a happy and excited look on his face, (cuz what could be cooler than to see a spider on Mom's head?) and I snap the picture as quick as I can.  But then he says "Where that spider?  I wanna see that spider.  Where that spider on yours head?"  Until I finally have to tell him that I was only teasing him.  So the next time the spider line doesn't work and I have to keep thinking up more and shocking things to just try to get him to look at me for a second.  He likes to keep me on my toes.