A Farewell to Fibers

Jun 12, 2017

First thing I did in this old trailer was pull the cushions out.  We want to keep them until we have the replacements, but I didn't want them in there anymore, so I put them in the shed.  Then I went to work on the carpet.  I figured this was the spot to start in, right by the door.

carpet 1

I tried taking the screws out, but they just turned and turned without ever coming out so I just pried the whole thing up.  Pop!

carpet 2

The rest of the carpet was just held in place with rusty old staples every six inches or so along the edge and those popped out with almost no resistance.  I just grabbed the carpet and pulled.

carpet 3

It only took me about 10 minutes all together.  Then I rolled that dirty carpet up and threw it away!  Success!

carpet 4

It already smells so much better in there.  Not bad for spending about as much time as it takes me to go to the bathroom.

carpet 5

I'm a slow pooper.

carpet 6