I need you

Aug 7, 2016

Guess what?  My sister invented a board game!  And I have played it!  It is fun!  She even started a KickStarter campaign to try to get it made for real.  How it works is this:  She comes up with an amount she will need to have the game made by professionals.  Then the rest of the world goes to KickStarter and agrees to donate whatever amount they want.  If she reaches her goal, she gets to make her game.  Then everyone who agreed to donate will have their credit cards charged for the amount they promised to pay.  And if they paid enough, they will even get a copy of the game, or a short story that she wrote, or whatever.  If, by chance, she doesn't reach her goal, all of those who donated will not actually be charged at all.

Does that make sense?  I'm pretty sure I am explaining the heck out of it.  The gyst is, if she raises enough, she gets to make her game and everyone's cards will be charged. If not, no one's cards will be charged and she does NOT get to make her game.  Sad.

You know I never ask anything of you.  (Besides requiring you to read a bunch of mindless rambling or forcing you to learn about Stair Terminology whether you want to or not.)    So do this for me.  And her.  Go and donate!  Even $1.00 would be awesome.  And TELL YOUR FRIENDS because the whole point is to spread the word to as many people as possible so that those game lovers out there might actually hear about it and get to help fund a brand new game.  And she doesn't even know I am asking this of you, so help a girl out, and give her a dollar or two.

We are always looking for games that a lot of people can play together, and this one can have 8 players.  And it is fun because it is cooperative, so instead of everyone trying to destroy everyone else like you do in Monopoly, you have to rely on the other players if anyone is going to make it out alive.  It is good times. Oh, here is a video about the game!  I may or may not have a starring role in this film! 

Click HERE to learn more

And if you can't figure out what to do at KickStarter once you are there, let me know.  I'll do my best to help.