May 26, 2016

I have been remiss on the house updates.  One of my readers called me to ask about my kitchen since I haven't posted any pictures recently (I like to keep things really personal, so feel free to call me any time!), so I decided it was finally time. I had to clean my kitchen to take these pictures. I hope you appreciate the effort I go to just to keep you happy.  (I didn't sweep the floor though.  Your happiness isn't THAT important to me.)


We've got doors, knobs and pulls!  There will be some nifty little spice cabinets on either side of the oven there.  Install date TBD.


As you see, the microwave is down in the island.  The plan was to have it all nicely built in, but we're not sure how to do it.  You can buy a trim kit to go with the microwave, to give it that built it look and still have it vent properly, but it costs more than the microwave does.  Dumb.  I don't really mind it just sitting on the shelf like that, but it kind of slides around a bit.  We'll see.



The cabinet you see in the above picture has two drawers inside.


They are too tightly wedged in there to be able to pull out however, so we are waiting for them to be adjusted before we utilize that very handy bit of storage space.


There is a panel that matches the cabinet doors that is supposed to go on the dishwasher.  Not sure the status on that. Not a huge deal.  A bigger deal is this: In the picture, you can see a board just to the right of the dishwasher.  It is temporary.  They didn't have the right one with them with they put in the cabinets.  So we can't really install the dishwasher all the way, so I can't actually use it.  Which means I am still washing everything by hand.  Surprisingly, this has not yet killed me.  

Next to the dishwasher, we have my desk.  Which is covered with stuff.  


And if you'll come with me around to the backside of the island you will see that there are also cabinets under there.  There aren't any shelves in them yet, but someday there will be and I will fill them up with games!



Most importantly, I put a table runner on the dining room table.  Such a difference, right?!!?


I don't know at this time when we'll get the upper cabinets, but it is mostly just an issue of storage at this point.  I still have several boxes of kitchen stuff stacked up in the mudroom.


I have some serious doubts that we will be able to fit that stuff into the upper cabinets, but kitchens are kind of magical in their ability to store obscene amounts of stuff, so you never know.  For now though, I can get to what I need and that is all that really matters.  That.  Nothing else.  It's the only thing that matters in the world.  Sorry.  I'm sure you thought that your stuff mattered, but it doesn't.