Dec 19, 2015

Lots of exciting stuff going on, so lets not stand around shootin' the breeze.  Lets get down to business!

They have finished patching all of the plaster.

I know that picture doesn't look like much, but do you remember what that wall used to look like?

Here is another before and after.

It really is pretty amazing.

Speaking of amazing, look at this!

That is the downstairs bathroom.  It only took the the tile guy, Salvador, an afternoon to do all that.  I actually toyed with the idea of doing the tile myself to save money, but THANK GOODNESS I didn't.  It would have taken me a month.

Here is the laundry room.

We spent some time at our house on Friday, working and cleaning, and this was there when we pulled up.

That says Sunset Painting Co, in case you can't read.  The painters were there caulking and taping off windows and such.  And THEN a truck pulled up delivering our front doors, this time in all the right sizes.  Here is the one they have installed so far.

Woohoo!  And THEN to finish things off, the painters actually STARTED painting upstairs if you can believe it.  It is a big deal!

It is pretty hard to get a picture of white walls.  In case you are curious, this bedroom in the picture above and the master bedroom required great big huge wood beams to support the vaulted ceilings, and we decided to leave the beams exposed.  That is why it is covered in paper.

To save money we are having the painters paint the ceilings, trim and doors, but only prime the walls. I figure I can paint, especially if I don't have to worry about the ceiling, but most rooms probably won't get painted until we move in.  My favorite thing about doing it this way is it means we don't have to pick paint colors yet.  We just chose 6 different kinds of tile, the carpet, and the hardwood.  Choosing paint colors is seriously beyond our mental capacity at this point.  

So things were pretty exciting when we left on Friday.  And then I stopped by my house this morning to pick something up.  I expected to maybe find the tile man there (he wasn't), but I certainly did not expect this:

That is hard wood flooring, being installed on the main floor.  Hot Diggity!  Heaven only knows what it will look like when we stop by tomorrow!