Dec 13, 2015

Sorry to keep you all in such suspense, but I've been busy. You know, Christmas, children, costumes for the Star Wars premier, the normal stuff.  So here is your update, and I'm gonna try to make it quick:

A few days ago when I stopped by the house while the boys were at school Lani the builder put me to work nailing up trim

I used this cute little nail gun that shot out tiny little nails, the size of needles.  They only left itty bitty holes in the wood.  Like so:

So Lani cut the trim, I nailed it up, and the painter followed us around and caulked everything almost as soon as we were done with it.  

That up there is the doorway into the master bathroom.  

And that is the door into the laundry closet and a bedroom.

All of the shelving has been put up,

And last time I was there they had trim around all the upstairs windows, and all the baseboard installed upstairs.

The other things to report are that they finally got the structo-lite and have started patching the plaster!

And least half of the plaster had fallen off of the walls in this room, so I'm sure it is feeling much less naked now.

Also, the porch is pert near done.  Just one more board to go, as far as I can tell.

So things are moving along.  It is just possible that they might start painting upstairs this week.  Everybody cross your fingers!