Dec 6, 2015

All the doors are in

and they have started putting up trim.

When the heating guys came in to run the ducts for our house, they ripped out all the existing ones and threw them in the dumpster.  Then we pulled them out of the dumpster and put them in a pile by the fence.  They have been sitting there ever since.  We did it because 1: it was really fun, and 2: we wanted to recycle it.

So Tuesday I loaded up the ol' mini van with dirty, wet heat ducts.  I filled it from top to bottom, front to back.  Then I drove it to the metal recycling facility and unloaded it all.  That is just one of the fun kinds of things I get to do in my life.  Try not to be too jealous of me.

AND, we got $4.75 for all that metal.  Ka-ching!