Jan 2, 2016

Wow, I didn't realize it had been so long since I had written.  You probably also did not realize it had been so long since I had written, and that is why I am reminding you.  But no time for words!

All the hardwood flooring downstairs is done.  Done, you hear me?  Wanna see some pictures?

Ha!  That is right.  As soon as they finish a room they cover the floor up with paper to protect it so I have never seen it either.  Want to see some more pictures of what it doesn't look like?

Ok.  Sorry.  Turns out there is ONE room they haven't covered with paper yet.

Yep.  Dusty.

Ok, what else.  The painting is done upstairs.

The beam on the ceiling is all stained and ready to go in the following picture.  I picked out the stain and the painters stained it and it kind of looks awful.  I know they need to touch up the paint all around the edges, but Richard pointed out that 2x4's just don't stain that well and I think he is right.  I think we will leave the beam in our bedroom alone and stare at it for a few months before we decide what to do with it.

Did you know this is how they paint doors? They nailed them all together with little strips of wood at the top and then painted them all at once.

All the tile is finished.  Here is the laundry room

and Downstairs bathroom

Last but not least, today they are laying carpet!!

The carpet guy had a job cancel just recently, which left him with a huge amount of carpet in stock he wanted to get rid of.  So he gave it to us for half price.  I was ok with it, though Richard really wasn't in love with it, but the other carpet we wanted would have taken another week or two to be in stock, and would have cost us $1000 more.

We went by the house this morning to see how it was going, and when we saw the master closet all carpeted up, we all did a very happy dance.

Even better, once we actually got to see it installed in a room, I think Richard decided he was ok with it.  Hooray!  More dancing!

The next thing they carpeted was the loft in the 3rd bedroom

And after that the boys didn't want to leave.  Lofts are fun!

Richard wanted to move our bed over tonight but we have decided to wait just a tiny bit longer.  Not too much more left to do on the inside.  Hot Diggity!