Oct 3, 2015

Ok. Big surprise,  we're still not done with the plumbing and electrical work.  It just takes so darn long! And Richard only has a limited amount of time available to work on it.  We were hoping to be done two weeks ago, but we're getting close.  Here's how the To-do list stands today:

hot water heater
mana block
Range hood ducting & power
Run ground wire to outside box
Plumbing for fridge
Plumbing for dishwasher
drain for heater and hot water heater
Attach AC wire to breaker box
Upstairs bathroom vent
Fix light in utility closet
connect all wires in electrical boxes
Put up metal plates to protect wiring as needed
Power to laundry room light
Redo kitchen hallway lights, run wire from light to switch near kitchen
Kitchen island light on steel beam
Cut holes for back door, patio lights, exterior outlets
Internet wiring

Yeah, yeah, it is still super long, but I swear we are making progress.

One of the things I've been working on when Richard is doing something he doesn’t need help with is finishing up the wiring in the electrical boxes. Richard taught me how, and look what I've managed to do!

I took a picture of every box after I finished it, but I'll just show you those two. I'm pretty pleased with myself, can you tell?

There are still tons of boxes left to do, and I have been staying as far away as I could from boxes like this one:

However, now that I understand the basic science of how the wiring works, I think maybe I can figure it out.  With help from the internet. And Richard's electrical book.  And Richard sitting right next to me telling me what to do.  

Back to work!