Sep 24, 2015

This, boys and girls, is a heater.

9-24 2

And these are ducts:

9-24 1

The heater guys came and finished in about 4 days, excluding all the stuff we needed them to change, which they will come and fix next week. Amazing.

What that means is that the only thing we are waiting on to get our inspection done is the plumbing and electrical work.  So if the plumber and electrician would  get to work already. . . oh wait.  RICHARD AND I are the plumber and electrician.  Darn.  I guess we better get on that.

Actually, Richard took the week off of work so that we could work at it full tilt.  We've got only two days left and a whole lot more to do so I should really quit blogging and get back to work!

I was going to show you what our to do list looks like now, but there is still so much left, it was just too depressing.  So here is a happy picture I will leave you with instead.

9-24 5