Aug 29, 2015

Today was a good day. We loaded a cooler full of water, grabbed a bag full of crackers and fruit snacks, brought some shows for the kids to watch and headed out to our house.  The roofers were there and while we were working the window guy showed up as well. It's pretty exciting being there when a bunch of other people are working too. It makes one feel like a part of something.

And the roofers FINISHED!  FINISHED! We have a new roof!

I saw that guy in the picture actually walking around on the ridges of my roof today.  I guess it takes a person with a very specific set of skills to be a roofer, cuz that terrifies me.  It seems like the older I get, the more scared of heights I become.  Richard was putting a vent pipe through the roof last week and I had to climb up onto the roof to make sure it was straight.  I was like, "Oh, yeah.  Sure.  I can do that." But once I got up there I instantly regretted it. I did not like it one bit and had to make darn sure I didn't look down.  No roofing futures for me.

The window guy started replacing all the old windows and got all but 2 of them done!

Those are new windows in that picture.  Can you tell? Now I've got a stack of old windows I have to do something with,  but I don’t know what.

New windows.  So exciting.  We've had those old, broken, cold, cold, so uselessly cold, inefficient windows in our house for over 12 years!  Hooray for Windows!  And while we're at it, let's hear it for exclamation marks!!

For the window guy to be able to reach the last two windows he needs to replace, we had to rearrange things in the front room.  That is the one room downstairs that no work is being done on, so we have had it crammed to the gills with all of our junk.  We had to move most of it out though, and then reposition the couches.

That picture doesn't illustrate my point at all, so you'll just have to take my word for it.  Fun fact: that mound on the couch that looks like a body is actually just a bunch of coats covered up by a sheet.  The window guy, (who has a name, by the way.  I think it is Casey.) said he was coming back on Monday, so we wanted to be ready for him.

We're making a lot of good headway with the plumbing and electrical work.   We completely finished all the wiring upstairs. 100%. Done. Well, not counting the internet or smoke detectors.  But still, woohoo! Let's see how the TO DO list looks now. What could be more fun for you?

Lighting in the downstairs bathroom
Outlet in downstairs bathroom
Fan in the downstairs bathroom
Lighting in the 3rd bedroom
Lighting in 2nd Bedroom
Outlets in upstairs hall
Lighting in the office
Outlets in the Office
Lighting in the utility room
Coat closet lighting
Closet under the stairs lighting
Porch lighting
Patio Lighting
carport lighting
back door lights
Fan in the master bathroom
internet wiring upstairs
internet wiring downstairs
cabinet lighting in the kitchen
carport lighting
smoke detectors
plumbing for dishwasher
plumbing for fridge
gluing all pipes together
clean up front room
clean up office

Things are going well but we're trying to stay realistic and not get our hopes up too much.  STAY TUNED!