Aug 27, 2015

Here's the haps:

The roof is almost done!
I love how the red brick looks against the black shingles.  Hooray!  
There are just a few sections left to shingle, and I predict they will probably finish on Saturday.  Possibly.  They told us it would be done last Wednesday, but here we are.  I don't know why people don't estimate long.  If they had told us it would take 3 weeks, and then it took two, I would have been thrilled.  But he told us it would be about 4 days, so now two weeks seems like forever.  Richard says everyone should do what Scottie does.  When the warp core is on the fritz he tells the captain, "I canna do it in less than a week."  And the captain says, "You have two hours."    And he always does it in time.  If he told the captain in the first place that he could do it in two hours, the captain would probably expect him to be done in 15 minutes.  

What's next?

Lani the builder has just about finished up all of the framing.  For instance, in the picture below you can see the wall that has put up in the front room.  Now when you walk in the house you are standing in a hallway, with a room off to each side.  

And then in the 3rd bedroom with the vaulted ceiling there is now a little loft above the closet.  It is going to be awesome.  

We're still working away on the plumbing and electrical.  It isn't really hard work, just time consuming.  And hot.  And it has been so humid lately that it makes me sweat like a sprinkler. 

Still, I kind of enjoy it.   And lots of the wiring I can do by myself while Richard is at work, and that is good too.  We are making a lot of progress and getting close to being done.  All that is left to do is:

Lighting in the downstairs bathroom
Outlet in downstairs bathroom
Fan in the downstairs bathroom
Lighting in the 3rd bedroom
Lighting in 2nd Bedroom
Outlets in upstairs hall
Lighting in the office
Outlets in the Office
Lighting in the utility room
Coat closet lighting
Closet under the stairs lighting
Porch lighting
Patio Lighting
carport lighting
back door lights
Fan in the master bathroom
internet wiring upstairs
internet wiring downstairs
cabinet lighting in the kitchen
carport lighting
smoke detectors
plumbing for dishwasher
plumbing for fridge
gluing all pipes together
clean up front room
clean up office

Can you guess how long the list was in the first place if this is how long the almost done list looks like?  Hopefully that will only take us a couple of weeks because hopefully we only have a couple of weeks until we have to be done with it.   And that is all my friends.  Au revoir.