Aug 15, 2015

I know 760 days seems like way too high of a number all of the sudden, but I realized that we first started talking to Lani the builder in July 2013.  So this has been my focus and goal and stress and worry for the last TWO YEARS.  No wonder I am exhausted.  I'm going to start patting myself on the back daily for my excellent show of patience.

However one of my wishes is finally coming true.  Because what you see in the following picture are roofers!

Some of the addition already has the shingles on and everything!  Now if they can just finish the roofing without any of them getting heat stroke, we will all be winners!

Here are some more porch pictures.  Richard wanted a big porch, so Richard got a big porch.  

It is going to be awesome.  Not that you could tell that from this picture of porch ceiling, but it will be.