Sep 12, 2015

Things have been at a Virtual Stand Still the last couple of weeks.  We always have these flurries of activity followed by nothingness.  The mechanical guy was supposed to start this past Tuesday, but has Not Yet Started.  We predict we will see him next Monday.  Which is fine.  It is all par for the course in construction, I guess.  But it also means that when he says he will be done in a week, I'm pretty sure he means he will be done in two.

Here is what has happened since we last checked in:


And also:

Siding!  Was delivered! Which is: Exciting!

It seems like such a little pile to cover the whole addition, but what do I know?

Here are some pictures displaying our electrical wiring prowess:

Each wire is color coded so that we know what it goes to:

We're just about at the point in our plumbing and electrical work that we can't do anymore until the heating ducts are all run. Yea!

Wanna see our TO DO LIST now?  Sometimes it feels like we're not making any progress because for every thing we cross off we think of something else we need to add on.

Lighting in the downstairs bathroom
Outlet in downstairs bathroom
Fan in the downstairs bathroom
Lighting in the 3rd bedroom
Lighting in 2nd Bedroom
Outlets in upstairs hall
Lighting in the office
Light switch box for Office
Outlets in the Office
Lighting in the utility room
Closet under the stairs lighting
Porch lighting
Patio Lighting
carport lighting
Christmas Lights
back door lights
Cut holes for back door & Patio Lights
Move outlets in Great Room ( put them all two inches too low)
Fix outlet under window on broken stud
Put up metal plates to protect wiring as needed
Fan in the master bathroom
internet wiring upstairs
internet wiring downstairs
cabinet lighting in the kitchen
smoke detectors
plumbing for dishwasher
plumbing for pot filler
plumbing for fridge
gluing all pipes in Downstairs Bathroom
Gluing pipes in Laundry room/finish Pex
Gluing Pipes under the house
clean up front room
clean up office
Run upstairs power to breaker box
run downstairs power to breaker box
plumbing for island
electrical for island

Yeah, we definitely added more things that we crossed off this week.  Here's to hoping we don't think of anything new to do next weekend!