Colin Says

Aug 5, 2015

Just found this.  Better post it.  Don't worry, I have stuff on Harrison too.  You'll just have to wait.

Found Colin Naked in the kitchen wiping up something off the floor. 
“Wow, Colin, watcha cleaning up?"
Colin, happily “it’s just pee.”

Went to get the mail but there was none.  To Colin I said “There is no mail today.”
Colin:”Maybe the mailman dead.”
Me “No, there just isn’t any mail for us.  The mailman isn’t dead.”
Colin, persuasively, “But maybe.”

Colin hurt his leg, so I told we would have to cut it off.  He said "No!  We need two legs!  Me have one leg me hop around like a bunny!"

And speaking of bunnies, for several months there when he was three, when he pretended to hop around like a rabbit he would say "Hobbit" as he jumped.

Feb 2015:  The family was discussing how big our town is getting.  Harrison said it used to be a town, but now it is a city.  Colin said, "Cities are fun!  I mean boring!  Because I am bored!"  I started laughing and he said, "No, Mom.  For real."

Jan 2015: I put Colin in time out and I heard him upstairs screaming "You not going to get away with this, Mommy!"