Jul 31, 2015

I don't know why, but things have been moving pretty slowly this week.  Mine is not to ask why, it is to accept what comes to me and eat icecream when I am frustrated.  

Richard and I have spent the last two days doing plumbing and electrical work.  And today when I got there, this was pulling into my front yard:

That, my friends, is a truck full of shingles!!!  That is right!  It is exciting enough to warrant 3 exclamation marks!

The shingle truck comes equipped with this handle little conveyor belt that they rotate around any direction they want.

And so, when the moment felt right, they rotated it around so that it was situated right over the roof.  It was magical.

And then, to my joy and surprise, when one of the roofing guys needed to get on to the roof, he just grabbed onto the conveyor belt and rode it too the top.  Lucky!

riding to the roof

Then he and his compatriot conveyor-ed all the shingles and tar paper and roofing paraphernalia onto the roof.  It was a very exciting morning!

They say the roofing starts on Monday.  Stay tuned!

Before I go, here is a very hard to decipher picture of the porch roof under the west windows.  As you can't see, there are cutouts with a shallower pitch around those windows, so that we didn't have to make the windows smaller.  I know you can't tell what I am talking about.  But I wanted you to know.