Jul 8, 2015

Here are a few more breath-taking photos to take your breath away.

We finally decided to accept the roof the way it is, and change some of our plans for the attic, so things are moving along again.  What you can't really see in the next few photos is the cricket they just built.  A cricket is a sloping section of roof built when two parallel sections of roof meet in a valley.  Did I describe that very well?  

It is so hard to tell what you are looking at in these photos.  

These could really be pictures of anything.  You'll just have to take my word for it.

Here is a view of the cricket from above the roof.  To get this photo I climbed up a ladder and stuck my head out between the joists like a meerkat. 

Enough.  I'm pretty sure you've got the idea.  I explained the heck out of it.

Here we have a hallway, complete with a little boy in his spiderman jammies holding a scrap of wood he has just fallen in love with and wants to keep forever.  Convincing my kids not to keep garbage is a full-time job.

3rd Bedroom.

A view from the 3rd bedroom, looking toward the hall.

Master bedroom.  You guys don't get sick of looking at pictures of 2x4's do you?  I sure don't!

And a bit of plumbing, to round everything out.   

This morning I met with a cabinet guy.  We are considering doing Ikea cabinets in the kitchen, but the builder convinced me to at least meet with the cabinet guy, so I did.  It was exciting and scary and fun and stressful.  I've thought about our kitchen A LOT, and I have a very clear idea of what I want, but there were still things they asked me that I didn't have the answers for.  And knowing that whatever dumb ideas I have are going to be in my kitchen FOREVER is a little daunting.   But we worked up a plan and he will come back with a quote.  And that is all I have for you now.  Until next time.  Adieu.