Jun 27, 2015

As you can see, some plywood has been put on the exterior walls of the addition.  Sheeting is what they call it, I think.

They hadn't planned to put the sheeting up yet, because the roof isn't done yet, but we ran into a little. . . . um. .  . . snag, so he found something else to work on. 

The problem is, the roofline is not being built the way we expected.  Which means we either have to adjust our expectations and some of our plans, or else rip the roof off and build it over.  Which is not as easy of a decision as it might sound.  So he gave us a couple of days to decide what we want to do.  And now he is at Youth Conference.  

It is always good to remember when you are working with a builder or contractor, that even if they are someone you trust it doesn't mean that you won't run into problems.  They might misunderstand you, or you misunderstand them.  You both might be taking totally different things for granted and never talk about it at all.  You might say something you don't mean, you might forget to tell him something you do mean, you might be so tired of making decisions that you might hide out under a rock and stop answering your phone.  But you can't!  It is your house and your money, so ask lots and lots of questions and be involved so that you know what is going on.  I like giving advice like this, because I am so very wise.

And seriously, the amount of decisions we are forced to make really is mind-blowing.  I have to know the exact sizes of my kitchen cabinets, what kind of sink I want in my bathroom, how wide my doorways will be, which direction the doors will swing, and exactly where we will put the dining room table, just to name a few.  Figuring out all the design and finish work stuff before all the walls are even up is frying my brain a little. We have been having a really hard time deciding what to eat for dinner lately, and I think it is because we are suffering from decision over-load.  It can happen to anyone.