Spelling and Singing

Dec 2, 2012

The kids and I were just standing out on the porch talking to a neighbor and Harrison got all chatty.
"I am in Kindergarten now."
"I am 5 years old."
"My mom named me Harrison.  H-A-R-R. . . I-S. . .O-N."

I started to cry.  I didn't know he could do that.  I guess somebody is teaching him something.

Colin likes to sing in the car.  It is the cutest sweetest thing.  Of course I can't catch it on video, because if he has the slightest clue there is a camera around, he stops singing.    Yestereday the song went something like this, "Daddy candy meoooow!  Grandma  caaaat!  Me Batmaaan!"

Today in the car Colin was singing again, "Me sing Christmas Song.  Mee siing Christmaas Sooong!"