More About Me Than You Would Care to Know

Sep 7, 2011

So, Pinterest, right?  I know.  When I first looked at Pinterest I was like, "Meh."  But now I'm like "Weeeee!"  I know you feel me.  (Except those of you who don't know what I'm talking about.  I don't want you guys to touch me.)  It is way better than bookmarking webpages and so very addicting. But am I the only one who sometimes gets depressed looking at Pinterest, or reading blogs?  The gulf between what I want to be and where I actually am seems so wide sometimes.  For instance, for like a month I have been pinning pictures of dining rooms that look like this:

while my actual dining room STILL looks like this:

or lately I have been pinning wonderful lunches to feed my two little darlings that look like this:

but standard lunch round these parts usually ends up being:

I pin hairstyles that look like this:

But half the time my hair looks more like this:

And I pin all sorts of cute outfits like the following:

But 86% of the time I leave the house in clothes like these:

All this stuff can get a girl down!  You know?  But what I have to remember is that

I AM FABULOUS!  I am Freakin' Fantastic!   I really am!  I almost never fart loudly in public, I have really good veins, I make delicious cookies, I make myself laugh, I have perfectly adequate penmanship, I like BOTH of my kids, I wash the dishes sometimes, I'm rockin' hairy legs and I am murder on the dance floor!  I'm AWESOME!  And I would say there is like a 50/50 chance that you are awesome too.  Maybe even 70/30.  Admit it!  You are swell!  So go ahead and keep pinning all the things and go right ahead and implement them if you ever take the notion, but you don't need to be and do all the things in those pretty little pictures to be great.  You are already great.

Here, I have put this handy reminder in vinyl sign format so that this can be stuck up on your bathroom mirror to act as a mantra for you to repeat morning and night.

Also, and this is just as important: none of that other stuff actually matters.  At all.  I know what matters.  You know what matters.  We all know what matters.  So don't forget, ok?