A Lot of Things. Really, REALLY Important Things.

Sep 19, 2011

Hey Misty!  I made this just for you!

You inspired me so much when you talked about these "Keep Calm" signs, that I just had to make one of my own.  And I love The IT Crowd.  I'm gonna put this on a t-shirt, and have the numbers wrap all the way around my side.  Awesomme!  (I like 2 M's in awesome.  It makes it seem kinda French.)

Other Things!

  • Colin spent Relief Society yesterday wandering around to all the sisters trying to find someone who would give him food.  I told him if he got any chocolate he had to bring it straight back to me.  It was a pretty good plan.  Till some sweet little old lady wouldn't let him wander off with her cane like he wanted, and he laid right down at her feet and cried.  Then we finished off church with him crying on his back on the floor of the gym.  So, yeah, standard Sunday.
  • I think I'm gonna start a company that sells Door Mats.  Because I sense there is a real need there.  I'm gonna call it "Soul Mats"  Get it?
  • I like to think of Canada as the United States' Hat. Mexico is, of course, USA's kicky scarf. And I always fondly think of Florida as the U.S. of A's fancy little earring!
  • This is a free country. To me that means I should be free to shop at Kmart without having to listen to Melissa Etheridge.
  • Being in a fabric store with my kids is like repeatedly punching myself in the head.  At some point I just get bored of it, you know?

And now for a moment of introspection. . . . . .

It's inevitable that as a blogger sometimes you will feel like you are talking to yourself.  Depending on who you are (and how much talking out loud you do when there is no one else in the room) you might always feel like you are talking to yourself.  The question is, does it matter?    I don't write the same way on this  blog as I do in my journal.  (When I am writing in my journal I like to say "Doi!" a lot.)  because the audience is different.  The question is, as a blogger, who IS your audience?   And what AM I getting at?  Again, DOES it matter?  I go through phases where I don't want to write anything, to phases where I don't want to READ anything, to phases where I just want to be the queen of the whole blogiverse!  And then I go through phases where I throw things a lot, but I guess that isn't really related.  So, obviously, the question is: Does the radio host just keep on talking even though he can't be sure anyone is listening?

Maybe what I should be asking myself is, what would Howard Stern do?

Mostly, I just talk a lot about nothing.  I cannot get myself to shut up sometimes.  See, we have something in common!!