There Are More Ways to Fall Down Than We Ever Imagined

Aug 22, 2011

Walking around is dangerous stuff - It's not just about tripping, or falling strait over because your head is so big.  You could step on a rogue peice of sidewalk chalk, your feet can slide out from under you, or they could just take off into space and leave you in a heap on the floor.  There are literally Zillions of different ways you can fall and permanently damage yourself.  What is a person to do?

Once our kids start walking we like to show them the following safety video.  We have found that with a little bit of awareness, we can really cut down on home-place accidents.   As a person who falls down a lot, I find the information offered herein to be timely and invaluable.

And if you can get the Rifftrax version of this video, all the better for you.