Vinyl and junk

Aug 6, 2011

Did you know that just by signing up for Etsy, you automatically have an account that can be turned into a store?  Wild, I know.  All you have to do is start listing stuff for sale.  The only question is, what?  What do I have that no one else does?  What could I offer that would be unlike anything else out there?

Well the answer is simple.  Nothing.  Everything there is to make or do has already been made, done, labeled, and sold, bought and processed, so there is no point spending a lot of precious brain power thinking about it.  Instead I figure I will jump on whichever wagon seems like a good one and just ride it until the end of the line.    And so, with my Cricut in hand, I have begun working up some of my very own vinyl signs for folks to stick on their walls and decorate their otherwise boring houses with.

Here are a few soon-to-be-classic phrases I came up with, that, if they prove popular enough (and I'm thinking they will!!!), will soon be flying off the shelves of my hypothetical store.  

Just imagine these beauties hanging over your dining room table:

I would hang the next one directly across from the toilet:
I find the font especially soothing.

Here's one you might like to stick on the outside of the bathroom door.  Maybe on the lower half, where the short people can read it:

Or one I made to go on the dryer door:
but it would also be really fun to put it on a T-shirt.

Here are a few others:

And here are pictures of some of my signs in action!

That is supposed to say "Always".  I don't know where the L went.  I have looked everywhere for it.

I'll also do specially made name vinyls in a little 2x6 size.  That way you can carry a stack of name stickers around with you all the time, and stake your claim on anything that isn't labeled.  I would especially use it for seating.  Anytime I sat down I would pull out a sticker, label my new seat and then I would be free to walk around.  And when some wiseacre steals my seat and says "I don't see your name on it!" I can point out the label and boy won't he look foolish then! Ha!

And I just gotta tell you that while I was looking on Etsy for ideas for these, I found some truly awesome and stunning vinyl signs you can put on your walls.  If you don't want one of  these.  But it is really up to you.