The 4th of July

Jul 6, 2011

Every year we go to an Independance Day breakfast put on by Richard's sister Heather's ward.  This year we even got there early enough to be the first in line.  We waited though.  We are so very shy and proper.

Colin loves to swing.  Harrison thinks swinging is all right, as long as he isn't really moving.

This picture of Richard and I really sorta tells the story of our whole relationship.

Colin & Grandma
Anyhoo, we ate and played on the playground and ran around the baseball diamond for a while.  Usually we see some balloons from the air balloon launch floating over head.  One year a balloon even landed in the parking lot of the park we were eating in.  But there was nothing in the sky this year.

After breakfast we did some sidewalk art at Grandma's house.  Here is Colin throwing a tantrum because I wouldn't let him crawl out into the street.  He has a very strong sense of injustice.

Later at home we made smores.  Only it was too hot to build a fire, so we roasted the marshmallows over candles.

It worked too, for the most part.  And the candles were vanilla scented.  Bonus!  Richard said he loved them.

He's just not too good at showing his emotions.
Finally, under cover of afternoon, we set to work lighting off our fireworks.  Harrison liked the first 2, which was better than I expected.

But then he thought they were scary.

Here is what Colin thought of them.

So, after lighting 3 fireworks, we called it a night and put the kids to bed.  Then Richard and I watched The Doctor Who 2010 Christmas Special.  Ah!  It was so good!  The effects!  The cinematography! The set!  The music!!  Watching the Christmas Special was the perfect way to finish off 4th.