The One Done Room

July 12, 2011

I'm Back!!  Just kidding.  Not really.  I just like to say that.  I actually say it all the time.  Every time we enter anywhere that has a door, in fact.  I will throw the door wide, stand in the doorway with my feet apart and hands on my hips and proudly declare, "I'm Back!!"  to anyone who might be there to hear me.  It gets a better response than you would expect.  One time somebody threw me a pizza.   And whenever I am at home I will sneak out the back door just so I can burst through the front door and shout it at my family.  Over and over.  They love it.

Anyhoo, I figured it was time for you to know more about me and my life.  Maybe I'll even tell you my whole life story, one little bit at a time.  Who wouldn't benefit from that?

In case you are new here, we are remodeling our house.  Not so much because that is the popular thing to do right now, but because our house is an ugly, falling apart hole.  We bought it as a fixer-upper, so this was actually the plan, but we really didn't know what we were getting ourselves into.  And slowly, bit by bit, we have been fixing up our 100 year old house.  So slowly in fact that I am going to want to redecorate the bathroom again as soon as we are done because I no longer like the colors I chose 7 years ago when we redid it the first time.   We have lived here 7 1/2 years and we just finally finished one of the rooms.  FINISHED the Boys' bedroom.  Every single thing is done in there.  Well, except carpet, but we have to wait until the whole house is done to put that in (right now it just has a carpet remnant in it).  Wanna See?

Ta Da!!  Richard always said he was going to make a bed, and then one day, he did.  Out of the blue he just started cutting wood.  And Harrison loves it.  For about a month afterward he would say "Thank you for my bed" whenever he was in it. 

 And I made this crib out of toothpicks and tar.  I have a very special gift.

So there it is.  The one done room.  It doesn't usually look like that though.  It usually looks more like this:

which is exactly how a boys' room should look.  And looky there - I moved the toy bin out of the office where it was driving me crazy and stuck it in here under the bed.  I like it.  It gives the space purpose = playing and mess making.

And because I have to assume that you care (because if all of my readers are a bunch of people that don't care, then what are you DOING here?) I will tell you more!

I will tell you that I love my doors.  They were special order from Home Depot.  They are so pretty.  My walls are a very pale gray and I love how it looks next to the bright white of the doors and trim.

The big robot on the wall is by Nicole LaRue. I printed it on what I will call a transparent substrate, for lack of my ability to remember what it is really called, checked out an overhead projector from the library and then traced the robot onto the wall.

On the dresser is a very cute robot I made out of felt.  I found the pattern on Etsy, in a shop called Gulf Coast Cottage.  Ack!  I love him!  He is so cute!  I seem to always make that sound whenever I look at him!

He is sitting in front of this Robot Timeline, which you can see bigger if you click on the picture.

I printed off little pictures of all the most important robots from TV and movies and then just traced them.  (Luckily there are all sorts of nerdy articles written about which robots are the most influential, or I would have had to come up with my own list.).  And I know, Daleks are sorta more like cyborgs, and transformers are aliens, but I don't really care.  We'll let the nerd forums hash it out.  

And now I think I am done.  I'm tired of sitting here.  I've been writing this for like 7 hours.  I don't want to write anymore. Oh wait!  I forgot about the Before Pictures!  We can't have that.  Hang on....................................

Yes, I know, you can't see much.  But that is pretty much how it looked.  That pinkish dingy wallpaper all the way around.  The door was in a different place

And we made the room a couple feet shorter so we would have room for the closet and a laundry room out in the hall.  And look what we found when we pulled off the trim around the windows:

Sorry.  I probably should have warned you.  Gah.  It gives me the heebie jeebies.  Golly, aren't you glad you stayed???

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  1. It is a great looking room. I love the pictures - especially the one of the baby with his head stuck in the chair. Do you do that so he doesn't cry so loud? just kidding. He is so cute!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed! I want to live in that bedroom, creepy bug skeletons and all. (Is it just me or is the one closest to 4 o'clock screaming?) I especially love the robot stuff and the beds. Tar and toothpicks are not the easiest mediums to work with.

  3. Holy cow! It looks amazing. I love the idea of living in a 100 year home, with all the charm. However, I love the idea of living in an already renovated 100 year home.

  4. I love that you have K-9 on the timeline. And that last picture was really gross. And I want you to use your tar and toothpick skills to make me a life-size dalek, minus the alien inside, I just want the robot part. Except the new version, not the 1963 version, because the new ones are bigger and I could fit inside easier, and I plan on using it when I get really old instead of buying a jazzy.

  5. Oh yeah. A Dalek Jazzy. Just like the one Davros used to ride. I figure some company has got to start selling them any day now. I think I want a red one.

  6. Congratulations on a complete room! You guys are awesome. And patient. And creative. Love the robot theme. It all turned out so good.

  7. That room is amazing! You guys did a great job. I want to see it in person someday.

  8. I think I love you. Not just because of your mad skills with toothpicks and tar but because you know what about Daleks and Davros.

  9. Love it! It looks so good. I really like what you've done with the place. You're amazing. Want to come to my house and help me finish putting pics up on my wall? Oh and did I mention my mattress is still on the floor. Maybe Richard can build me a bed too. Done and done. So when should I expect you?

  10. We'll be there 1st thing in the morning!

  11. I'm back to! Okay so I never left but what a fun thing to say!

  12. Elesa,
    That was so incredibly entertaining. I love the robot timeline--great idea. Cute room, I busted out laughing when I saw what the room usually looks like...mainly because my house can be clean 90% of the time, but people only show up the other 10%.

  13. gorgeous blog! :)

  14. I'M BACK!!! I like to arrive fashionably late to these things you know.

    I'm finally getting caught up on people's blogs (well, people I like anyway) and I just had to comment here. LOVE the room, but I'm sad the prison furniture is out now. Perhaps for your next kid, eh?

    Also, I was saddened that the idiot robots from "The Black Hole" (V.I.N. CENT and Old B.O.B.) didn't make your Robots of the Century Timeline. My brothers had pillowcases with those stupid things on them, so they're CLEARLY influential, dammit!

    I missed your blog. Maybe I should actually keep up with it and such.

  15. I don't know what "The Black Hole" is. But it sounds important. I better at it to my netflix queue?

  16. It's as important as every other live-action Disney film about space disasters.

  17. What about the robots from Mystery Science Theater 3000? Or did I miss them? Are those moth skeletons? I have to say finding the dead bugs is a far sight better than finding live ones. Love the room. Makes me want to come visit.

  18. darn it. Crow and Servo didn't even occur to me until now. I guess i'll have to make another one from scratch!