Story #5 - Letter to Senator

May 21, 2011

Bored Yet?  Too bad!

Dear Senator, 
     Hey Dumb-dumb!  What the heck!  Your decision to cut government funding for Hairless Women Against Frog Disection (HWAFD) was a heartless mistake.  If there is one thing I cannot stand it is heartlessness.  And if there is another, it's mistakes.  So I hope you can imagine how I feel right now.  Well, maybe you can't, so I'll tell you.  My throat hurts, my head aches, my feet smell, and my nose runs.  And all because of your stupid bill!  And your toupee isn't helping anything either.  I don't mean to insult your style, I'm just so steamed right now!
    And so, in conclusion, please refund us hairless women and save those frogs.  Nobody cares about biology.  those frogs won't save themselves.