Productivity and the Challenges of being a Super Hero

Mar 15, 2011

I have to confess something to you, kind reader.  I don't know how to tell you this, so I am just going to come out and say it.  I like to read craft blogs.  And that is the truth.  I read several craft blogs.  And, no, not the lame ones, like Doiles for Dummies, or Ric Rac for the Rest of Us, or Glitter & Glue Dots for the Craftinomically Impaired or anything like that.  I read the good ones: Make it and Love it, Blue Cricket Design, Not so Idle Hands, and Welcome to the Good Life.  Ok, and, Doilies for Dummies actually is pretty awesome.

But, I don't really know why I read them.  I guess I like the idea that if the notion of craftiness should happen to take me, then I will have everything I need to find out how to make Bookends out of old Diapers, but the truth is that I will probably never get around to it.  Frankly, I am just far too lazy.  Not too lazy for my own good, just for crafting of that caliber.  And also for walking around.  

For instance, some girl on some blog said she was looking through the Pottery Barn catalog, saw this thing, and said to herself "I can make that" and then went and got the stuff, made the thing, and hung it on her wall.  All within a 5 minute period or something like that.  

Really?  You wanted to do it, so you just did it?  Just like that?   If that was me--and it wouldn't be, because turning the pages in a magazine is too much trouble--I would see the picture, think "I bet I could make one of those." and then fold over the corner of the page.  And then forget about it.  Or, if I was feeling super ambitious, I might even rip the page out of the magazine and stick it in a special file full of stuff I want to make someday.  I call it "The Good Idea Folder".  And that would be the end of it.  Then 10 years from now when we move I might find that file again, look through it, and shake my head that I could ever think any of that crap was cute.

The mentality of wanting to do something and then actually doing it is just completely beyond me.  Which probably explains why I haven't showered in over 3 years.  The only reason I am able to type this is that my fingers move so fast that if I am sitting in front of a keyboard and I start to think, it is like my thoughts literally just pour through my fingers onto the screen of their own volition, with absolutely no conxcoius effort on my part. (Yeah, I"m pretty sure that is how you spell that word.)  It is actually one of my super powers.  I call them Mind Fingers.  And I think I've gotten off topic.  But it is ok.  I've clearly made my point.  Thank you for your time.