Dreams are like popcicle sticks

Mar 24, 2011

Last night I dreamed that I was in this old School building that was being torn down, so a bunch of kids were camping out inside as protest. I was in a class room with a bunch of other kids and one girl said she had to pee, but didn't know what to do about it. The boys started passing around a soda bottle, which obviously didn't do the girls any good. It was getting to be a big deal, and I had to go myself, so eventually I just walked out of the room to see if I could find whatever passed for a bathroom in this old dump.

There were people everywhere.  It was like one of those events that are really well attended and are filled with people walking around and sitting everywhere.  I finally found the one-toilet bathroom, and had just sat down to use it when this completely crazy girl appeared, cheerfully demanding that SHE had to use the toilet right then. I tried telling her that I was already using the toilet, and that she could have it as soon as I was done, but she nearly sat down on my lap and tried to use the toilet with me still on it. I punched her in the head several times, but it didn't help. She was happily, enthusiastically, unmovingly determined to use the toilet whether I was on it or not. So I got up, yelled my head off at her but eventually just gave up and went to find another bathroom.

I found one, but it looked like there was some sort of slime-emitting sea monster living it in. So I searched and searched and found a teenie tiny little closet of a bathroom, all decorated in flowery wall paper and was about to sit down to relieve myself when some older man came and poked his head in the open, lacy curtained window to say hello. And he wouldn't leave. Finally two little girls came up to use the bathroom, the man left and I came out and knelt down to talk to the girls. I begged them to stand guard so that I could have 30 seconds of privacy for crying out loud, and in return I would do the same for them. They couldn't have been more than 4, but I guess they did the job, because I woke up after that. Phew!