Sep 26, 2010

No Title For You!

When Colin is sitting in his swing, he likes to really kick back and relax.

He's always got one foot up like that.  It cracks me up.


Harrison isn't much for drawing pictures.  He would rather make people out of pens and pencils (and other objects), than draw them with a pen or pencil.

He said this is him.  He's got a little tiny head!

And this is a robot:

So maybe he will be an engineer, just like his daddy.

Sep 25, 2010

Self Portraits

On 9/16/10 I tried to get a good picture of Colin and I together.  I took dozens.

and this was about the best I got.  Not as flattering to either one of us as I had hoped.  And after a while Colin started to get suspicious of the little flashing box.

That kid has got a pretty good stink eye!

Sep 24, 2010

Photos of Harrison

Harrison is not easy to take pictures of.

He thinks trying to hide from the camera is just about the funniest there is.  I was TRYING to get a shot of the pajamas Jenn gave him.

So I gotta be tricky.  Sometimes reverse psychology works.  In the next picture I said, "Harrison, Don't Look at me!"

Ha!  Got him!  But most of the time, if he can, he will just grab something and put it in front of his face.

Which is crazy!  Even Colin thinks so!

Sep 23, 2010

How 'bout a Knuckle Sandwich?

 This is our adorable Colin. (9/11/10)

He looks a little bit like he is going to punch someone with that tiny little fist.  But really he is just kind of uptight.  His hands are always in fists like that.  When he eats they are clenched so hard his knuckles turn white.  And every time I manage to pry his little fist open there is always lint inside, like a foot that has been stuck inside a sock too long.  So we always try to tell him to Relax Sweet Baby!  Everything is going to be ok!  And we play lots of Kenny G. to help calm him down.  Ok, that is a lie.  It might soothe him, but it would drive me nuts.

Sep 22, 2010

Being Big is the Best

Ok, it is time to catch up.  I am not doing a good job of keeping this updated.  It just seems to be so hard for me to find the time to do it.  blah blah, excuses excuses.   So let's see....

Harrison started school.  Here he is on his first day of his second year of Preschool (9/8/10).

Doesn't he look excited?  Actually, I think he was, just not excited about the picture part.

He and daddy watched out the window, waiting for the bus to get here.  I'm really happy to share this picture so you can see our rice paper blinds and how Harrison has mangled them.

He goes just twice a week and seems to love the bus ride.  I don't know how he feels about the rest of it.  Today he told me he played with toys at school, so that is something.

And also, I would like to announce that my big boy is
Potty Trained!
Mostly.  95%, I would say.  It has been a rather long process, but it only makes sense that it would be.  It is a whole lot to change and learn.   But bit by bit he has figure it out.  He woke up dry for about a week straight, so we just stopped putting diapers on him at night.  No accidents yet.  Which is amazing to me, since I don't think I figured that out until I was a lot older that him (which is probably more than you wanted to know about me).  Then I thought he might never poop in his potty, but eventually he did that too.  He peed in his potty once and a few minutes later he said he had to go potty again and he pooped in his toilet and now he does it every time.     I was ecstatic.  So then we were just faced with the challenge of using the toilet away from home.  Which was pretty darn tricky.  I pushed it a lot at first and then realized that that tactic DOES NOT work with him so I just started putting pullups on him every time we left the house and really didn't push it at all.  Mostly he just held it whenever we left the house, as long as we weren't gone too long.   But eventually he got to where he was willing to use the big toilets, and THEN one day in the car he insisted he had to go potty RIGHT THEN.  So we pulled over and he peed right there on the side of the freeway.  I knew we had made it then.  Pretty soon I stopped putting pullups on him when we left the house and he has done great.  Wants to pee on the side of the road all the time, but so far we haven't had to again.

The only thing left is school.  He hasn't used the toilet at school yet, as far as I know.  It is a small one, and he doesn't really need help, but still.  I'm not there to tell or ask help from.  So I just send him in a pullup.  Maybe one day we will go over early and I will show him the potty there, make sure he knows how to use it?  That would probably be a good idea.    Cuz I'm sure it doesn't help overall to have 5 hours a week when he doesn't have to use the toilet.

Ok, now that I have beaten that subject to death (I kind of forgot that this wasn't my journal I was writing in.) I can say Happy Autumn!  I will post again tomorrow.  I promise!

Sep 16, 2010

3 Months!

Well, somehow it is past midnight. Again.  Time seems to speed up in the evening.  Especially once the boys are both asleep.  In fact, studies have shown that the hours from 9pm to midnight actually pass at almost double the rate of the those during the day.  (That is why it is known as the witching hour.)  Studies also show that flys are actually TRYING to bother you when they land on your nose while your sleeping or zoom around your head like a helicopter while you are sitting at your computer.  Like this one is doing to me.  It is driving me crazy!

Ok, so it is late and I am sleepy so please forgive whatever nonsense I may write tonight.  But I gotta write, cuz my baby boy is
3 months old!

Look how cute he is!  He woke up with those red rashy cheeks out of the blue one day and they were gone the next.  Just a little baby mystery.

He is sleeping better and better all the time.  A couple nights ago I put him to bed at 11:00pm and he didn't wake up until 9:00 the next morning.  That night was awesome.

He has started cooing like crazy.  His smiles definitely make a sound.  He can roll over from his stomach to his back about 50% of the time.  He does not like his socks to be taken off too fast.  At all.  And he loves his brother.  His eyes follow Harrison around everywhere he goes.

Harrison was tickling Colin and Colin was laughing and they were being so cute but this is the only picture I could get before Harrison told me to stop and tried to hide.  But I kept shooting cuz that is what moms do!

Happy 3 Month Old Day Colin!

Sep 7, 2010

Smiles in September

Colin has suddenly turned into a little smile machine.  As long as he isn't tired or hungry he is ready to smile at anybody.  Make eye contact and he starts grinning like crazy.  How can you not love a boy who seems so happy just to look at you?

He is sleeping for about 7 hours straight at night and usually doesn't wake me up after his early morning feed until about 8:00.  Which is a wonderful luxury after waking up with Harrison at 6:30 for the last year or so.  Now Richard gets up with Harrison and lets me sleep.

But that is about to end because Harrison starts school tomorrow!  And the bus will be here to pick him up at 7:45 am.  So here's to hoping I can wake up to get him dressed and fed!  Maybe even in a shirt that fits?

Sep 1, 2010

Cupcake to My Face Ratio = 1:1

All is quiet.  For the moment, both kids are asleep.  Next to me, on my desk, sits a cupcake.

I bought it at the store.  It came with a crown so I feel special.  I already ate two; I am feeling pretty full.  But I am very tempted to try to shove this whole thing into my mouth all at once.

Of course I never would.  I am, firstly and foremostly, a lady. Decorum is at the heart of all I say and do.  But would it even fit?  That is what I would like to know.  I know I have a big mouth, but is it big enough?  Or would I be laughed out of the "All In One Bite" social circles?  And would it still taste good, gagged down like that?  Maybe, maybe not.  But we will never know.  I don't eat three cupcakes in one sitting, I just don't.  Ask anyone.

I definitely should have taken the crown off first.