Cupcake to My Face Ratio = 1:1

Sep 1, 2010

All is quiet.  For the moment, both kids are asleep.  Next to me, on my desk, sits a cupcake.

I bought it at the store.  It came with a crown so I feel special.  I already ate two; I am feeling pretty full.  But I am very tempted to try to shove this whole thing into my mouth all at once.

Of course I never would.  I am, firstly and foremostly, a lady. Decorum is at the heart of all I say and do.  But would it even fit?  That is what I would like to know.  I know I have a big mouth, but is it big enough?  Or would I be laughed out of the "All In One Bite" social circles?  And would it still taste good, gagged down like that?  Maybe, maybe not.  But we will never know.  I don't eat three cupcakes in one sitting, I just don't.  Ask anyone.

I definitely should have taken the crown off first.