Moab Camping in May

Jul 26, 2010

After posting about camping this weekend, I realized I never posted about our campout with MY family.  How embarrassing. So lets see.......

Yep, there you have it.  My sister's husband Lance and his manly umbrella.  That about sums up the whole weekend.

The first night it POURED rain on us for several hours.  We huddled underneath things and still managed to cook a delicious meal.  I should say RICHARD managed to cook a delicious meal.  I didn't help at all.  One of the very best things about camping is that I don't have to cook.  We went to bed with it pouring on us and when Harrison woke up at about 6:00 am the next morning the first thing he said, loudly, was "It stopped Raining!"  And woke everybody up.

The next day was sunny and warm with lots of great mud puddles for little kids to play in.

So the kids ran around playing in the mud and being silly

and taking turns driving this thing:

Not Harrison though.  He was mostly contented just to sit in it, which was good because he still hasn't quite figured out how to steer.

The adults spent as much time as possible riding around in dune buggies:

Ha.  I love this picture of Boydell.

And this picture cracks me up.  Our faces look like we are going for a pleasant Sunday drive in the horse and carriage.

 I love Moab in the Springtime! And Harrison loves a trunk full of bedding!