As July Draws to a Close

Jul 30, 2010

Right now Harrison is in the kitchen yelling "Yeehaw, Cowboy!" over and over.  He found Woody's Hat under the chair in the living room, so he is pretty excited.

Ok, lets try to wrap up July, shall we?

On the 29th I learned that my arms just aren't long enough:

But my boys are oh-so-cute:

On the 30th we went to Chuck E. Cheese with Harrison's birth mother, Jenn.

Harrison's favorite thing to do there was pretend to run over his daddy with a truck.

On the 31st we set up our pool.  We only bought it a couple summers ago, so it seemed like it was time.

The water now comes up to Harrison's waist.  And the plan is to spend pretty much every evening out there. The summer just doesn't seem as hot after a few hours in the water.

And Colin finally learned how to relax:

His eyelashes just keep getting longer and longer and it looks like his eyebrows are actually getting a little color.  When he was born he had nary a hair on his face, but they seems to be coming in now.

It is hard to believe time is passing.  Our little Colin is almost 2 months old.  He is also a little sensitive.  He doesn't like bright lights, loud noises (Richard was holding him last night and suddenly yelled "Yeehaw!" and Colin cried for a good five minutes.), or sudden movements.  Or cold water.  We dipped his little feet in the pool to see if he would like it and it scared him to death.  Poor baby.