Bye Bye Birdie

February 20, 2009

So there was a bird in the house today. This isn't it, I just think this picture is awesome. I screamed and ducked when I saw him, but he didn't attack. I opened the front door, ran to get a broom and when I came back he was gone. I think he flew out. I hope he flew out. I couldn't find him anywhere inside, so I am just going to trust that he flew out. We get at least one bird invader a year. And I cannot figure out HOW they are getting in! And despite what you may be thinking, it is not some kind of unexplained paranormal phenomena that is letting them pass through the windows the way David Copperfield walked through the Great Wall of China. How can I be so sure, you ask? Because when we first moved in, I watched a bird try to do just that, every day, all summer long.

I had a video I was going to show you of that determined little bird, that I managed to captured on our very first digital camera - 2 whole megapixels and everything. But that video has gone the way of all old files, and I couldn't find it anywhere.

So close your eyes if you will, and imagine... Nope, wait, sorry, you are going to have to open your eyes back up. How are you supposed to read my instructions with your eyes closed? Maybe if you just kinda squint at the monitor it will be about the same. Ok, so imagine, standing in your bedroom, looking out of a second story window, and you see a what appears to be a normal bird launch himself from the tree in front of you and fly strait at the house, smacking headlong into the window. He flaps about for a second, dazed, then sails back to the tree, turns around, flies back and crashes right into the window again. Over, and over and over. With surprisingly steady rhythm. For about an hour. Would you not think this bird had lost his marbles? That is what I thought, but he just kept doing it, crazy bird. At least, I think it was the same bird. Maybe it was some kind of hazing to get into an elite bird fraternity. Or, maybe I am wrong and it IS some kind of sinister paranormal event because maybe our house is built over a sacred bird burial ground, and this is some kind of poltergeist thing??????

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  1. Alter away!

    And Poltergeist used to freak me out so bad!!!

  2. oh skeeeery poltergeist...but that bird pic os cool!

    Stopping in as part of the SITS welcoming team to welcome YOU to the SITStahood. You will love this bloggy playground and the women there.

  3. I once had a bird in my house too! It freaked me out! I had nightmares!

    Welcome to SITS! It's great to have you as part of the SITStahood:0)

  4. Welcome to SITS!! Glad you became one of us!!

  5. Years ago our cat brought a bird into the house. It wasn't dead, but it was in. his. mouth. Horrifying I tell you!

    Welcome to the SITS community, it's awesome that you joined us!

  6. Your writing style is so fun, you crack me up!
    I'm stopping by to welcome you to The Secret is in the Sauce, I'm so glad to meet a new SITSta, you will love this group of crazy ladies!
    Welcome, welcome, welcome!:)

  7. Poor bird!

    (sorry, I got side tracked by Kristina's Snuggie Picture - that girl!)

    Glad the latest adventurer found his/her own way out. I hope.

    I guess you'll know for sure soon enough.

    Welcomg to SiTS!! Em

  8. That totally happened to us! We have a tree in our backyard and a bird comes and flies off the branch right into our window for hours. Then it'd stop and then the next day, same thing again.

  9. Ahhh! You've freaked me out now. What a weird bird.

    I'm with the SITS Welcome Wagon! I've been with them for like 8 months or so now...and read so many fun blogs, met so many amazing woman and really enjoyed my time in this great community of women. So, welcome aboard!

  10. Yikes...I'm a freak if a bird and I are in the same time zone :)...I had to promise my husband I would only pee my pants in front of our daughter (because it's quiet and she wouldn't know) vs. my screaming like the bird is going to peck my eyes out because it's a farking zombie/polgergiest/exorcist bird.


    Part of the welcomistas....welcome to SITS!

  11. great post!! like how you altered the photo that is typically too freaky tohandle and made it funny!!
    welcome to SITS

  12. Hi,
    EEK>>>> a bird in the house freaks me!!!!
    I am on the Welcoming Committee with SITS and just wanted to pop by and give you a big welcome hug.. I joined SITS last year and have enjoyed meeting so many wonderful gals, you will surely enjoy your time spent with us.

  13. The same thing happens to me too! Well, kind of. I mean it's along the same lines. Every so often, there is always one, random fly that seems to be floating around here. I can't stand it! At least the dog is a great fly catcher!

    Thought I'd stop over and say welcome to the SITSahood! Hope to see you around!

  14. Welcome to SITS! We're happy to have you join us!

  15. I would have freaked out too!

    Welcome to SITS!

  16. Just be glad you don't work at Costco. Have you ever noticed how often there are birds trapped in those big warehouse stores?

  17. TOO funny. I had a bird that would do something similar, but it would peck at my window over and over. I wouldn't fly away. Just peck. and peck. lol.

    Welcome to SITS!!

  18. we had a bird in our garage once + it completely freaked me out, i would have lost it if it had managed to find its way indoors.

    just stopping by to welcome you to SITS, glad to have you as a member of the community. you will love it!

  19. Thanks for stopping by my blog:)
    You have no idea how hard I laughed at your comment lol. I wicked needed that ;)