Poll Results: Toes, What are They Good For?

February 23, 2009

Well folks, we have just completed a new poll in honor of Valentine's Day. And because I like to stay on top of things I am publishing this JUST in time for your V-Day plans! When I asked my dear husband what things inquiring minds most want to know about, he said "Toes". I admit, I was skeptical, but I have been married to him long enough to know that he is never wrong, so we came up with a very topical, pertinent, thought provoking poll, and I am grateful to all those who took the time to vote* after seriously considering their feelings.

Let us view the results:


Big Toe - 4 votes
Middle Toe - 1 vote
Spare Toe 1 - 0 votes
Spare Toe 2 - 0 votes
Pinkie Toe - 2 votes

Well. Yes. I think we can all agree that this is some fascinating stuff. I mean, would YOU ever have expected the answers to come out this way? Truly, no one saw this coming.

As it turns out, the majority of the world would most mourn the loss of their big toe. They say you need it for balance - though I would argue that it isn't really doing ME a whole lot of good in that area. In fact, I knew a guy once who was missing ALL the toes on his right foot except for his big toe (lawnmower accident) and it seemed to work out all right for him, so...

And Spare Toe One and Spare Toe Two (See Diagram) are indeed appropriately named. What are those toes FOR anyway? It might be more difficult to pick up things with my feet without them, but if I had to part with one of them, I think I could get by.

So, now we know how the world feels about their toes. However, I don't think this poll is going to be enough. People will want to know more! So please take the time to comment and tell us WHY you voted for the toe that you did (or would have voted, if you had the chance), and how you plan to get by without that particular digit once it is gone.

Thank you in advance!!

*by voting on this poll you agree to have your toes stolen in the night by ghouls.

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  1. I definitely need my big toe - I struggle to balance even with it.

    Welcome to SITS!

  2. I voted for the big toe and the reason is simple: it's the easiest one to paint with polish. I always mess up on the rest of them. I like the fact that I can at least get 1 out of 5...2 out of 10.

  3. A lot of gaps filled in the area of toe questions...hee hee.

    Hey, Welcome to SITS....it's great to have a new SITSta. :)

  4. I'm all about my big toe. Because .. because ... it's the one that peeps out of my fancy schmancy shoes.

    That's all.

  5. I broke my little toe once. It might be little but it sure hurt for a month or more like you would never believe such a small thing could. I NEVER want to loose or break any of my digits ever again.
    My toes can't pick things up like my husbands can, they are quite useless unless I try to paint them a fancy color and get attention wearing cool sandals.

  6. I need my big toe for balance, and my "spare" toes are very handy for picking up stuff without bending down, but the toe I would miss most is my tiny littlest toe. Not that good for stuff, but it is my only toe that is the least bit cute.

  7. Have to keep the big toe...if I didn't have it, there would be too much room in the upper part of my shoes.

    Welcome to SITS - hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

  8. Welcome to SITS!

    I think I would be sad to see any of my toes go.

  9. I still wanna keep all my toes. Even my pinky toe that is squished under the rest of toes cuz there's really o room for her.

  10. um come here...sssshhh don't tell.. I HATE feet! Yep if it were not for my shoe fettish and the whole I need em to walk thing I'd do away with them. No foot is nice after the baby feets stage.. they are just plain yuck!

    I'm stoppin' in WAY late from the SITS welcomistas to say WELCOME!

  11. LOL
    I would prefer to keep all 10 of my piggies, thankyouverymuch!

    Coming over from SITS to say hello and WELCOME!

  12. I hope it's not too late to vote. I've been thinking about this a lot and mulling over my feelings on this subject, and I've decided that I would miss Spare Toe #2 the most.

    I will admit my feelings were swayed quite a bit for my feelings of sympathy for Spare Toe #2. First of all, what kind of a name is that? Why not Rosiewhistle? Who wants to be Spare anything? And being #2 just makes it worse.

    Being so close to the pinkie toe is probably difficult for Spare Toe #2. Everyone oohs and aahs over how cute the pinkie toe is and never pays attention to Spare Toe #2.

    The whole thing reminds me of Galaxy Quest. Poor Guy #1! He knows he's gonna die because he doesn't have a name! Just like Spare Toe #2. Please, everybody, change your vote! Save Spare Toe #2!

  13. Oh mom. You are so silly. You just made my day.