Where what?

Jan 23, 2009

A couple nights ago we went to Chuck E. Cheese. I wanted a night out and some family time, and Chuck's provided both.

And, no, I don't have any pictures. My camera stopped working. Well, it FUNCTIONS, but it no longer takes good pictures. You might be thinking to yourself, Maybe YOU no longer take good pictures, to which I would respond that that is absurd. You might also being thinking to yourself: Why doesn't she just get to the point? Why does she have to go off on these tangents? Why can't she just say what she came here to say and then leave us in peace?? And if that is what you are thinking, all I can tell you is: Don't worry. You're not alone.

So I called Richard at work to ask him to meet us there. He said he ate a huge lunch and wasn't really hungry. I said "So, would you rather go another day?" and he said "No. It's not like anyone goes to Chuck E. Cheese for their pizza."

But the pizza was amazing! Granted, I was hungry, but Richard ate more than I did, so that should tell you something. Lately I am a Papa John's girl. All the other pizza is pretty mediocre in comparison, but this pizza really was fantastic.

And Harrison was mesmerized by it all (except the pizza). We sat in the "Theatre Section", in front of the stage where the animatronics perform. They are the same plastic robot characters that were there when I was a kid: Chuck - a giant mouse, some kind of bird/human hybrid pep-squad-type-girl thing, a purple gorilla named Munch, a hillbilly, banjo playing dog, and an Italian Chef. Oh, look! Here is a picture I found online!

 Most of them seemed a little listless, had at least one lazy eye and made huge amounts of noise when they moved or blinked, but for the most part, looked way better than I would have expected after all these years. And Harrison couldn't keep his eyes off them. They sang a bunch of 80's songs (including one called "There's a Little Bit of 80's In All of Us" which seemed pretty ironic, and made me laugh) and we couldn't help but sing along. There really is nothing like dinner and a show.

Then we ran around to the token rides and games. Harrison loved to sit in the cars, but only if we didn't put a token in to make them vibrate around. As soon as they turned on he wanted to get out. I tried to climb into one of the cars with him, so he wouldn't be scared, but that is when I learned that when they say "Chuck E. Cheese's: Where a kid can be a kid!" they are referring to actual children, not to the inner child in all of us like I previously thought. There was a brief moment when I was wedged in that miniature ice cream truck, that I thought it was all over for me.

Anyhoo, Ice Cream truck incident aside, Chuck E. Cheese is the FUN ZONE!