Continuing with the unrelated thoughts, as previously referred to, earlier.

Jan 14, 2009

I need new glasses. And contacts. Especially contacts. I'll explain why another day. So I decided that Shopko was just the place for me and I called and made an appointment for an eye exam. And I went to my eye exam. I find that it is very helpful to attend appointments after I schedule them. Especially if I want the services they are providing. It wouldn't do me any good, for instance, to set an appointment and then not go it. That would not yield the desired results. In fact, it would just be madness. Madness!!

The eye exam receptionist told me to wait in the super comfy metal chairs and the doctor would be right with me. And, in fact, he came out in about a minute and smiled. But I am pretty sure my smile was more of a grimace because he was about a head shorter than me, and at least 10 years younger. Seriously, if I had seen him at the grocery store, I would have thought he was in high school.

So at first I thought that maybe he was like the Doogie Howser of Optometry, and I was going to ask him how young he was when he graduated from highschool, but then it occurred to me that probably I am just old. Phooey.

As I towered over him in the tiny eye exam chair, I thought about how I am going to have to start getting used to being older than people: my doctors, my bishops, my boss. And, probably, I should start calling them all "son", which might really freak them out, and would be no end of fun.