Poll Results: In which we address a serious issue, and I use way more colons than is necessary.

Jan 24, 2009

Do you mind if strangers (or others that you don't know about) read your blog?
Not at all! Please do! - 5 votes
Yeah, Kind of - 3 votes
I guess not - 3 votes

I was a bit surprised by the results of this poll. The majority of the world (because that is what polls tell us: what the world thinks) are happy to have readers of all kinds to their blog. But there are those who aren't totally jazzed to have strangers reading about their lives, and others who feel that it is downright wrong; An invasion of privacy.

To those who feel that way: I have some bad news for you. People are reading your blog. I can guarantee it. These could be total strangers, but more likely they are people you know, or people that know your husband, or know a friend of yours, or maybe even a friend of a friend and now they are reading your blog. And they probably won't ever tell you about it. It is possible they feel a little guilty, like they are reading your private journal, but they are always able to reason that if you really didn't want them to read it, you wouldn't publish it on the internet for all the world to see. And they are gonna keep on reading.

(There are also people who feel that they don't care who is reading their blog, as long as they post a comment to let them know, but that ain't gonna happen either. Most readers are shy: I am going to use this totally made up statistic and say that only 1 in 8 readers ever posts a comment.)

So, if you really don't want strangers or mystery people reading your blog, you are just going to have to go private. I'm sorry: but that is just the way it is:::