Thursday Thirteen #2 - 13 Signs That You are Surrounded by Nerds.

October 10, 2008

1. Your husband reads text books for fun.

2. You brother-in-law thinks that the new software he got that makes his iPhone sound like a light saber when he swishes it around is pretty cool.
3. Your husband is jealous that he doesn’t have said light-saber thingy on his phone.
4. Your company party usually translates into a night of rigorous Halo playing.
5. Your boss wears Scooby Doo pajamas pants to work.
6. You get used to falling asleep to the soft blue light of your husbands laptop.
7. Nearly everyone you know has at one time dressed up in character to go to a movie premier; As a Jedi, one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Wolverine, etc.
8. Your brother makes Star Wars fan flicks.

9. One of your husband’s favorite things is flashlights.
10. A date night with your husband almost always involves a quick stop at CompUSA just to “look around”.
11. Your brother gets gun cases, tactical vests, and a years supply of ammo all for his vast collection of airsoft guns.
12. Your husband would rather watch old Star Trek reruns than football.
13. A friend writes a blog post entirely in ASCII, and almost all his readers decode it. (Seriously, you have to check this out.)

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  1. Boy, you are surrounded by nerds. Holy crap, how can you stand it? I mean, how do you live day-to-day, and not just go screaming into the night, or better yet go to someplace cool like Paris or Peru?

    Maybe you like being around all the nerds. Maybe (gasp) you are actually a closet nerd yourself. Maybe you wont admit it, but you have a hidden costume of Princess Leah, or Jabba the Hutt, and you get it out and wear it when feeling blue.

  2. Oh man... I DON'T have a Jabba the Hut outfit, but I sure wish I did. Nothing would cheer me up like pretending to be Jabba for a few hours would.

  3. I can relate to the quick stop to "look around"! My husband always does that. Especially, at CompUSA or GameStop :)

  4. Oh, man, I checked out that crazy blog with all the numbers. have you read my blog? I have that number phobia thing? Well, I forgot about it until I went to that website and I felt a panic attack coming on! Seriously, not good....

  5. Very funny post. I guess I'm a big nerdy because I LOVED the video. Went to your friends blog - unbelievable! I guess I'm not NEARLY that nerdy.