Movie Review - "The Phantom of the Opera"

October 07, 2008

Yeah, I know I am not with it. This movie came out in 2004. I didn’t realize I was THAT far behind the times, but whatever, I only just signed up for Netflix. Cut me some slack.

Now you should know I spent most of Middle School and Junior High (6th-9th grade) listening to the Broadway Cast Recording from Phantom of the Opera. But until now I had never seen it. (Ok, that isn’t totally true. In 9th grade on Band Tour we saw Phantom of Opera in L.A. - I somehow got my hands on a very shiny, green dress with massively puffy sleeves for the occasion. I looked awesome. - However, most of that day was spent at Huntington Beach. So not only was I sunburnt and exhausted, our seats were WAY up at the back, and I slept through the whole thing. Disgraceful I know.)

Not having seen it, I had to just piece the story together in my mind. Some of the stuff was very similar to how I had always imagined it, but some things I had guessed all wrong, and lots of things I never understood till now. Weird though, after loving the music as a kid, I didn’t really love the movie. I always sort of thought the Phantom was just misunderstood, but no, he’s a psychopathic murderer. And a stalker. And, it turns out, kind of a big baby. I was pretty annoyed with his tantrums by the end of the movie. And Christine! Could she be any dumber? "I’m so terrified, but when he sings I am powerless to resist him! Oh my!"
All in all, it was kinda creepy. Haunting. That is how I would describe it. Probably how they planned it. But I don’t particularly like to be haunted. It is kinda rude.

On another note, when I found out "Wicked" was coming to Salt Lake, I was determined to go see it. But then I found out that even seats in row Z (yeah, in the BACK) are $194.00. Per Person. And I am just way too cheap to pay that kind of money for a few hours of entertainment. Sooooo, I guess I will just have to buy the soundtrack and spend the next 15 years listening to it and piecing the story together all wrong in my head. Fun!

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  1. I'm sad that tickets are so expensive to see Wicked. I was hoping to go but I'm a little too cheap for that price.

  2. Hey, I slept through the same show that you did in California. It just wasn't my kind of show.

  3. Phooey! I'm sad to learn the tickets are so much for Wicked. I'm sorry to hear you didn't like Phantom. I would highly recommend reading the book. It's the best version of the story, and why not. You'll understand why the Phanotom is misunderstood and psychotic.

  4. I'm glad you can recommend the book. I thought about reading it, but I just didn't know what to expect, and was afraid it would be really gory and disturbing. I think I WILL read it! Thanks!

  5. When I saw Phantom in LA in 1992.. I only remember that I was with my high school show choir and we all went in formals and tuxes. I totally remember spending the entire show checking out the hot guys in the audience, looking for famous people and hoping the guy that I liked in my choir would some day notice me. How pathetic!!!

  6. Ooh... the Phantom! I saw it three times in San Francisco and loved it every time!!!! The most recent movie wasn't really that good. The costumes were awesome but overall the phantom was not what he really should be. There is an old black and white movie that has some pretty funny ballerinas in hysterics. If you find that then grab it.
    The book was the best out of all the versions I have seen. Highly recommend reading it to make it really make sense, well as much sense as a make believe fantasy can be.