Flashback Friday

October 10, 2008

I love Marta’s Flashback Fridays. Can I steal it? I sure hope so, cuz I am gonna. I know that this should probably include pictures, but my old albums are in a box somewhere, so I really can’t promise you much.

Besides, this first flashback hardly counts as a flashback at all. Cuz it is just from a week ago. But with a memory like mine, anything I can remember at all is good. So last week I had a doctor’s appointment. No biggie. They had to draw some blood, so I sat in their big blood-drawing-chair and waited 10 minutes or so while the nurse typed my information into the computer. This took a while because her fingernails were so long that she had to type each letter one - at - a - time. Finally she was done, so I let the girl stick a needle in my arm. It always makes me nervous when someone younger than me starts coming at me with a needle, but I guess it is just something I am going to have to get used to.

So, she started drawing my blood and I didn’t watch. I never look when my blood is being drawn. It’s not that I’m squeamish, it just seems safer. But this was taking so long, and though she left the needle in my arm, I could feel her clicking things in and clicking them out and eventually I just got curious and looked. The needle was attached to some kind of cartridge that a vial was inserted into. And while I watched, the vial filled up with blood, so she pulled it out and snapped an empty one into the cartridge. And suddenly I started to feel a little dizzy. And nauseous. I immediately looked away, but it was too late. All at once I felt my body go sort of numb and limp and I thought “Oh my. I think I am going to pass out.” And I did.

I have never passed out before. I have never been a dainty girl, by any stretch. Sturdy, that's me. I've always thought of fainting as something reserved for the dainty girls; the kind of girls that men like to take care of. So I kinda always thought that passing out would be so very romantic and feminine, like something out of a romance novel. But it wasn’t. It was pretty crappy. When I woke up again I was sweating like crazy and I felt SO sick. I was really worried that I was going to throw up. And I really, REALLY didn’t want to vomit all over their tiny little lab.

Finally some lady brought me some orange juice (I have no idea what happened to the tech who was drawing my blood)and I felt better right away. I think I can safely say that it was the best orange juice I have ever had. Anyway, soon I felt better, and I left. That is the end of the story.
So... Flashback lesson learned? Fainting is not for the faint of heart.

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  1. Next time take Ricard with you and do it again, then he will be there to save you and then you can have your romantic moment.

  2. I bet Richard totally would have caught you in his arms and fanned you with a romantic little fan.

    Or he would have busted out a camera and gotten Lance and Boydell to dub in sound and visual effects.

  3. Hmm, and what would those sounds have been?

  4. You know, I should probably get Richard to start carrying a "romantic little fan" around in his pocket, just in case I start to swoon. It would be quite tragic if I should faint and he didn't have one with him. Having to fan me with his hand would take all the romance out of the moment. That and the barfing.

  5. Hello again Elesa,

    I just noticed that you signed up to be a blog follower of my little corner of the web universe. I am honestly/truly honored. I'll try not to "lead" you astray. But, be warned, when I'm lost, I don't like to stop and ask for directions.


  6. I'm always afraid that's going to happen to me when I give blood. So far I've been lucky.

  7. I think Flashback Friday is a splendid idea...I may steal that from time to time myself.

  8. I passed out briefly while giving plasma there in Provo. But now I'm having to give vials of blood a few times a week (for over a year now) and I luckily have not passed out yet. I don't even feel the needles anymore. So... I've always wondered when you pass out do you drool?