Phew! Glad we got that over with!

September 11, 2008

Now, to change the mood a bit, I would like to show you a video of my cute baby.

He is so cute, it hurts a little. I don't know how he got so cute, but we sure can't take credit for it. So thank you Jennifer! We love you!

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  1. So cute. Logan wanted to watch it again and again.

  2. I agree, very cute. Harrison is defiantly a keeper. :) You are and Rich are a very lucky Mum and Dad. :)

  3. Remember when I asked you when you were going to tell him he was adopted, and you said when he's 16?

    Well, it suddenly hit me that you'll be spilling the beans when you're 46!!! Can you even imagine being so old?

  4. That is why we decided to wait to tell him until he is 50. Then I'll be 80 and by then, I can say anything I want, right?

  5. I think I miss you guys. Next time I'm in town we'll HAVE to get together. Plus, I haven't seen that little one.