Election Time

Sep 24, 2008

I just don’t get it. Everyone is so passionate this time around. They have chosen their candidate and they are sure they are right. They say things like “He is the clear choice.” Or “Obviously, I am voting for so and so”. Well the choice isn’t clear to me. I feel like everyone else has information I don’t have. I see what is shown on TV. But I have a hard time trusting believing anything that is said. Everyone has something awful to say about each candidate, and how can I know if it’s true?

It seems especially confusing to me. This year it seems like you could take everyone I know ask them who they are voting for, and then would be pretty evenly split. One half says “McCain, of course. Obama sucks.” And the other half says “Obama, naturally, we’re screwed if we don’t”.

Well, why does Obama suck? Why are we screwed if McCain wins? What are they basing their opinions on? And why do they feel like they can really trust the information they have been given? I’m not saying that they shouldn’t, I just wish I knew what they know.
Of course I think everyone should do what they feel is right. It just perplexes me because I would think most everyone I know shares the same values as me, so why are they so divided?

Maybe what gets me is that I am used to basing my judgments so much on the opinions of those around me (I know you do it too), and I can’t really do that this year because all I hear are conflicting stories. I just don’t see how one friend can love and support Obama wholeheartedly, and another friend can be positive that if he wins we are in for 4 years of hell. This makes no sense to me. Obviously, they don’t have the same information. And I don’t have either of their information.

And I guess most of all I hope that when this is all over, all these people with all this passion will be able to accept and support the winner, whoever he is, even if he is not the one he voted for. I think it’s pretty important that instead of criticizing everything the president does, we unite ourselves as a country and work for our future like it all depends on us.