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September 23, 2008

Here is the assignment: I must list 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 current goals, 3 current obsessions, and 3 random facts about myself.

3 Joys
1. The look on Harrison's face as he climbs into my lap for me to read him a story.
2. The Internet
3. A clean kitchen. Well, that is probably more Peace than Joy, but I'll take what I can get.

3 Fears
1. Having a psychopathic maniac break into my house in the middle of the night and kill my baby.
2. Shark Attacks.
3. Spelling Errors.

3 Current Goals
1. Eat a LOT less sugar
2. Get the Student Loan paid off.
3. Watch as much TV as possible.

3 Current Obsessions
1. Blogging. Still. I know, a bit sad maybe?
2. Dr Who (2005) - Finished season one and just started on season 2. Christopher Eccleston was good, but David Tennant IS The Doctor.
3. Cake. Now I have always liked cake. Who wouldn't? (Except my Dad. Weird, right?) But really, I have always been more into the ice cream than the cake. Lately though, ever since I started reading Cake Wrecks, I think about cake ALL THE TIME!

3 Random Facts about Me
1. I can name all 50 states in under a minute.
2. I don't like gum. I don't like to chew it, and I don't like it when anyone else chews it.
3. I fall down a lot.

Thanks Lynsie!
Anyone else want to play?

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  1. Thanks for playing. You always make for enjoyable reading in my day. Those Cake Wrecks are hilarious!

  2. That was fun. I'm gonna play, too. I love your blog always!

  3. Those are some fun facts that I definitely didn't know about you! So sad that you don't like gum though...now I'll need to watch my chewing when I am around ya haha!

  4. Gosh, I got all self conscious about the gum I was chewing as I read this.

    Elesa, give gum a chance.

  5. see the falling down thing again.
    I am a horrible sister!
    I don't really think you fall down more than other people.
    I can fall up stairs, can you?

  6. I might believe that you somehow brainwashed me into believing that I was clumsier than I really am if were the only person who ever said so. But really, it is one of most memorable qualities. Just ask any of my mission companions.