The Internets

Feb 10, 2008

Thank you for the Tag Anne! (In my head, that was a pretty little song. Don't know why, but your tag made me want to sing!) My assignment - which I have chosen to accept - is to list my favorite websites. I've given this a lot of thought (I mean, I read Anne's post about 2 minutes ago, so I've probably exhausted my mental capacity anyway.) I would like to list a bunch of really fun, and neat websites, but maybe I should be honest and list the ones I actually visit frequently. Hmm. I can't decide, so I'll just start typing, and we'll see what comes out, ok? Here we go! Weeeeee!

I have to list this one first. It is always the first place I look to buy almost anything: books, movies, games, CDs, tools, bags, etc. I even seriously considered getting my groceries from them, but they don't have any fresh foods, and their other food all seemed kinda health-foody -- not that there's anything wrong with that.

By this I am referring to the Google family of sites. I really love them a whole awful lot. I love Google Documents, and Google Calendar and, of course, Gmail. Way to go Champ!

Ooh, I really like Pandora. It is fun. I like it so much, I feel quite possessive of it. But. . . I guess it's time to let it spread its wings. If you don't know how cool it is, you will have to check it out for yourself.

This one makes me feel a little nerdy. Maybe because of how much time I spend looking stuff up on it and adding it to my Google Calendar. I like to know when all the movies that I'm looking forward to are coming out. And I like to know when all the movies that I haven't heard of are coming out. And I like to know what is coming out next month, and what is coming out next Christmas. This way, I can plan my calendar effectively. Before, I just had to say "No, I'm sorry. I can't babysit your parrot next next week. Ender's Game is coming out in 2008 and I have to keep my schedule open."

I've been busy, but I'm close to Ascending, so I can't give up now. An Adventurer is Me!

The place I go to develop pictures, print cards, make stuff, buy stuff or stuff like that. It's the Best!

Yeah. That's right.

So, anyone else want to list some of their favorite sites? I'm afraid to Tag anyone because I think if I do, they won't do it. Everyone else I know doesn't really play tag very well. One person thinks it's freezer tag, while someone else thinks it's TV tag, and that just leads to Chaos! But I want to hear what your favorites are, so I am going to list every blogger I know and see what happens. Oh wait, maybe some of them don't actually want their names listed, for security purposes. Hmm. I'll have to use a code. Good luck cracking it.
Marior, AE. . . . um. . . You know, this list is going to be the same as my list of other blogs which can be seen in the right hand column. So I am not going to copy it. Plus, that code was already taking a lot out of me. Clandestine writing is exhausting. Ask anyone.